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Denture (acrylic / metal / flexible)

  • Dental Consultation Dental Filling Dental Aesthetic Dental Scalling Teeth scalling Deep scalling teeth washing composite filling restoration tooth colored filling restoration extraction surgical extraction minor oral surgery wisdom teeth removal surgical impacted wisdom teeth teeth whitening take home whitening white shade tampalan gigi cuci gigi tampalan gigi depan cabutan gigi cabutan biasa cabutan surgikal gigi geraham bongsu pemutihan gigi 美白牙齿 冷光美白 补牙 洗牙 门牙 智慧牙 小手术 开刀 大山脚 bukit mertajam BM
  • Dental Clinic Bukit Mertajam Penang Klinik Gigi Klinik Pergigian Pulau Pinang Berapit Bandar Perda Alma Permatang Pauh Butterworth Kulim Machang Bubok juru simpang ampat batu kawan 牙科诊所 大山脚 北海 槟城 牙医 牙医师 Dental Clinic Near Me Children Friendly Clinic Cozy Comfort Clinic Established since 2015 Experienced Doctor Dental Surgeon Dr Chong Dr Dorothy
  • Orthodontic Braces Self ligating Aligner Damon Deciduous Teeth Filling Restoration Extraction Fluoride Application Myobrace Early Childhood Caries Pit and Fissure Sealant Retainer fixed retainer Ikat gigi besi Cabutan Tampalan gigi kanak-kanak budak Floride aplikasi 小孩子 补牙 拔牙 大山脚 绑牙 牙套 槟城 Bukit Mertajam Pulau Pinang Penang
  • Dental Crown Dental Bridge Dental Implant Denture Flexible Denture Acrylic Denture Chrome Denture FRC Fiber Reinforced Crown Dental Implant Dental Prosthetic Dental Veneer Composite veneer PFM crown Zirconia Metal Gigi Palsu korona gigi jambatan gigi 牙冠 牙桥 牙齿贴片 植牙 Dental xray OPG X光 Teeth polishing 抛光 Close Gap Closure Midline Diastema
  • Acrylic denture Metal Chrome Denture Flexible Valplast Denture 假牙
  • Dentures serve as removable dental appliances, providing a practical solution for replacing missing teeth and enhancing oral function. Whether for partial or complete tooth loss, dentures offer improved chewing, speech, and aesthetic enhancement. They contribute to a more positive self-image and are often a cost-effective option. Dentures are versatile, customizable, and provide a non-invasive, temporary, or transitional solution. While addressing tooth loss, regular dental check-ups are essential to maintain proper fit and comfort, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of dentures.

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